Title: Intercepted

Author: Emma Hart

Release Date: April 13, 2015


Four people. Four goals. Four endings.

In the third and final book of the USA Today bestselling By His Game series, the rules of the game no one

knew they’d have to play are blurring, and when the past becomes the opposing team, hearts aren’t the

only thing at stake of being lost…

Finding naked pictures of her best friend on her boyfriend’s phone wasn’t in Everleigh White’s five year

plan. Neither was moving back to Los Angeles, the city of dreams that never managed to make hers

come true. There’s only so many years you can be in love with your best friend before you realize he’s

never going to love you back, after all. If only her ex would stop showing up at the gym where she

works, she’d be much happier.

Being a father at nineteen wasn’t how Reid North, the Vipers’ wide receiver, imagined his life going, but

when his ex-girlfriend tricked him into parenthood, he accepted it. Eventually. Now, with his ex on the

verge of being released from prison, he’s holding onto full custody of his seven year old son, Leo.

Football and Leo have left Reid no time for dating… Until Everleigh comes back.

His best friend his whole life, Everleigh never knew Reid loved her. She left before he could tell her. Now

she’s back in front of him, and he’s not letting go. Even if all he gets is her friendship again. But in a city

like L.A., dreams come true when you’re least expecting it.

So do nightmares.

With their exes beating down their doors with demands and explanations, their hesitant and building

relationship is threatened at every corner. They’re at serious risk of being intercepted by the past, and

that’s a ball Reid is determined to catch.

Except desperation can lead to stupidity—and Reid soon realizes he can’t catch every ball, no matter

how perfectly it’s thrown to him. This time a fumble could cost more than a few points.

It could cost him everything.

(INTERCEPTED is the third and final book in the By His Game series and can be read as a standalone,

although it is advised to read BLINDSIDED and SIDELINED before, in this order.)

“Why’d you leave, Ev?” I ask her quietly, sitting forward. “Why didn’t you tell me? Why’d you ignore


“I didn’t want to,” she whispers. “But I had to. It was easier for me.”

“Not for me!”

“I know!” Her eyes snap to mine and she twists her whole body to face me. “But I couldn’t say goodbye

to you, Reid. It would have hurt me too much to do that. And it was pathetic and childish, but there. It

was easier to run without thinking of you as long as it meant I didn’t hurt even more.”

Stupid, stupid girl.

I reach over and rest my hand against the side of her face. Tears are shining in her bright-blue eyes,

making them gleam even more brightly. When one drips over her lower lid and onto her cheek, I catch it

with my thumb and wipe it away.

I move along the sofa, closing the distance between our bodies, and pull her face toward me. “Don’t cry,

Ev,” I whisper just before I lean in and cover her mouth with mine.

She draws a breath in through her nose, but she doesn’t push me away. She wraps her hand around my

wrist at the side of her face and moves in toward the kiss.

Her lips are soft and sweet, and if the way I’m kissing her is half as tender as she feels, then dammit, I’m

fucking screwed.

“I didn’t hate you for leaving,” I say in a low voice, threading my fingers into her long hair. “I didn’t hate

you at all. I was fucking mad because you left before I could do that.”

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By day, New York Times and USA Today bestselling New Adult author Emma Hart dons a cape and calls

herself Super Mum to two beautiful little monsters. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of

whatever she fancies – usually wine – and writes books.

Emma is working on Top Secret projects she will share with her followers and fans at every available

opportunity. Naturally, all Top Secret projects involve a dashingly hot guy who likes to forget to wear a

shirt, a sprinkling (or several) of hold-onto-your-panties hot scenes, and a whole lotta love.

She likes to be busy – unless busy involves doing the dishes, but that seems to be when all the ideas

come to life.

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Here’s a bit of information about the other two books in the series which are recommended to be read first but aren’t really needed: 

Book 1
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gler     This is the second book I’ve read by Emma Hart, the first one being Dirty Secret. I absolutely LOVED Dirty Secret and Conner Burke. That being said I was super excited to get my hands on Blindsided. Unfortunately I have to give this 3 1/2 stars. The reason being there were a lot of errors, I can usually look past a lot of stuff. But it was hard in this one because it was sentences being repeated and broke up the flow. Things that an editor and beta readers should’ve caught instantly. I generally don’t rate a book based on these types of errors, I just couldn’t recommend this book to anyone with these errors in it. I think that it would be a better book if these were fixed. Now on to the story itself. I liked Leah, she seemed like a no nonsense type of girl. Strong, opinionated, independent, & fun, everything I like in a leading lady. Corey, oh man Corey, HOT, built, cocky, arrogant ALPHA male, also everything I like in a leading man. I’m just not sure how I felt about the game playing that they did and the way Corey pursued her to just fuck her. Leah could’ve shut that down really quick if she was as strong as she portrayed herself to be. I think this because at the beginning he didn’t show a side that made me think that he had a heart under all that cocky swagger. It did come out later in the book but it was a bit further in and at a point that made me question what Leah was seeing in him. Of course once the layers started being peeled back on their personalities than I was like “ah, ok I get it now”. I realize for some people they may not have the patience for that and most likely won’t continue on reading. I can’t not finish a book, that’s just me. But I’m glad I finished this one. I liked the friendships between the main characters and the side characters. As well as the family interactions. So I’m looking forward to where these characters will be in the upcoming books in this series. I’m just really hoping that the editing improves and that the errors are fixed in this book. And that I don’t see the same types of errors in the next books. It honestly broke the flow and that’s what caused my rating. Other than that everything else did end up working for me in the story.

Book 2

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 All I have to say is JACK!!!!! Holy moly, crazy hotness FLOVED him!!! I’m all about hot alpha males & oh boy is Jack a hot alpha male! Way more than Corey was in Blindsided and that’s saying a lot. I really liked Macey when I was introduced to her in Blindsided and I liked her even more in Sidelined. She’s a smart, sexy, strong minded leading lady. Everything that I like to read in a leading female character mixed in with her strength there was a vulnerable side to her as well. It made her more believable and had me more invested in her & Jack’s story. This series is progressing nicely can’t wait for Reid’s book Intercepted. I’m also happy to say the errors I encountered in the first book did not appear in this book. It made the book flow much better & helped me stay invested in these characters.