Title: Turn Me
Author: Cabrina Claire
Publisher: Cinnabar Silk
Release Date: April 7, 2015


Visual artist Victoria Thursday is desperate for a muse to inspire her next project, until a chance encounter with the devastatingly handsome owner of a Pearl District ballet company turns her head. Tall, sculpted, and incredibly flexible, Seth Valenza embraces his physicality in a way Tory has never known. He possesses such skill and confidence in every move that Tory is pulled body and soul into his embrace.

Captured by his wild grace and sensual abandon, she longs to trust him. But if their complex relationship shatters, both her career and her heart will, too.

Contains Strong Sexual Content and Adult Language.



honest review
marsI can’t even begin to explain how different this book was. Unfortunately the beginning was extremely slow so I cannot rate it 5 stars as the first 45% of the book dragged. I feel like the first 6 chapters had so much unnecessary art talk that I was ready to DNF it. Thankfully I didn’t because it got better as I kept on. The writing on this book was absolutely flawless, I couldn’t find one grammar error and everything flowed perfectly so kudos to the author for that. Another thing I liked was Victoria’s chemistry with Seth. You could feel the desire flow through the pages as you read the parts of them being together. Unfortunately we didn’t get much of that and I feel like that should’ve been the main focus of the book. Art is fun but I wanted a romance book, not an art book. The final reasons I cannot rate this 5 stars are Victoria herself and the cliffhanger. Wow was Victoria a weak heroine! I’m not an artist but resting your future on a “muse” and letting your whole life revolve around them being there as a muse to make your art is extremely annoying and disappointing. What if said muse dies? I couldn’t connect with her at all probably because I just couldn’t understand her thought process. I was annoyed by her and her inspiration 80% of the time and the endless art talk from her bored me to the point of wanting to skip parts of the book (which I didn’t, I suffered through it). Furthermore when I finally started enjoying the book it abruptly ended. Now I have to wait for the second book and I hate cliffhangers, I hate waiting and I hate that there was no warning about the cliffhanger as I would’ve avoided the book all together had I known there was a cliffhanger. Hopefully this book is a better read for other people, I would honestly only recommend it to artists and people who understand art talk. I unfortunately am into law not art so unfortunately I will be skipping the rest of the series.