Book Title: That One Night (That One Series: Book One)
Author: Josie Wright
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 26, 2015


I received an arc of this book for an honest review. I’m not sure where to start, I did enjoy this story but there were a few issues with it. I liked how the book started; with Frankie heading home to visit her family for Thanksgiving and we get glimpses of that one night through flashbacks during her long drive home. I thought it was a nice touch because you’re just not sure exactly how it came to pass or even who the guy is to her. All that gets revealed fairly quickly and somewhat dramatically. In reality all that made me want to keep reading to find out exactly who Ben was, how Ben would figure out who Archer was? If Ben would handle it gracefully and would he be able to redeem himself? The writer did a good job in unveiling all of that. I would say there were a few aspects that I found were a little drawn out and maybe this added unnecessary drama; Such as why Ben disappeared for 18 months, his secrecy about this disappearance and the mysterious calls, the fact that he didn’t want to talk to his mom, and most of all; it bugged me a lot that he kept asking Frankie to trust him but he didn’t trust her enough to be forthcoming. Eventually I saw past all that in order to finish the story, now I’m going to go into my biggest pet peeve of the book and why I rated it 3 stars.I understand that I was reading an arc and that there would be some mistakes. I can generally overlook them or my brain just automatically corrects them. But with this book it was throughout the entire book. Simple stuff that should have been caught immediately. When writing a flashback it’s done in the past tense not the present tense, considering it’s a flashback of something that has already happened. Yet this author wrote it in the present tense. She kept using has instead of had. I could go through the book and pick out more but thought I’d just use that one example as it was done repeatedly throughout the book. That isn’t the main reason I rated it a 3,I didn’t 100% connect with the characters and there were some repetitive aspects to some things that were said or described in the book as well.All in all it was a decent read but not a wow oh my god I’ve got to tell my friends about it read.