Belle’s story begins in the captivating fourth installment of the New York Times bestselling series.

I made myself a promise: No men. No romance. No waiting around for a prince that’s not going to come. Because some girls don’t get happily ever afters. Some girls only get broken hearts.

Which is exactly why I should stay away from him. He’s vile. He’s arrogant. He’s controlling. And I don’t trust him.

But some men get into your blood—under your skin. Some men you just can’t get enough of.

Some men you just crave.

This a full-length novel. It’s recommended you read the previous books, but not necessary to enjoy the story.



This book was amazing and once again Geneva blew me away! I’ll admit that in the beginning I was extremely upset that Belle wasn’t paired with Jonathan because I kind of expected him to be the one, but by chapter 3 I was already over it because Smith was everything I could possibly ever want for Belle. Geneva has a way of describing characters and making you connect to them instantly, I found myself intrigued and wanting to know more about this powerful alpha male who was new in the series. As Belle fell for smith, so did I as a reader. Geneva’s writing flows so perfectly that I couldn’t put the book down, I found myself sneaking off to the bathroom to read at work and even reading at my desk when my boss wasn’t around to see. This was definitely the type of book that makes you restless for more, I needed to know more bc I was extremely hooked. Although this doesn’t end in a cliffhanger you can tell that another book is coming and now I am twitching waiting for its release. Another thing I loved was the fact that we get to see X and Clara interact with their baby, it was so amazing getting a piece of what they’re up to even after their saga is complete. You also get some Edward action and I am super excited to know about him and read more about him. I could go on and on about how amazing this book is but then this review would never end; all I can say is this is a MUST READ for everyone. You won’t regret reading this!


Geneva Lee prefers fantasy to reality, especially fantasies involving powerful, dangerous, and sexy men. You can find her devouring a good romance while avoiding the laundry and the children. She lives in Kansas City with her family.
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