-Restless Book Obsession is a blog dedicated to the things we love most. We’re Three girls obsessed with the three B’s: books, boys and beauty. Bringing you HONEST reviews, new book releases, cash/swag/book giveaways, fun games, the latest B’s news and plenty sassiness. This is a drama free zone, a negativity free zone and a bad bitches only zone. Every now and then we WILL curse and MANY of our posts will be 18+. ENTER at your own risk. Below you can learn a bit more about us and find our contact information.

Hello readers, authors and bloggers. I’m Cynthia also known as Cyn and to some sassy asshole. I make up 1/3 of this blog. I’m from NYC, a mother of a 6 year old little girl who is going on 15 and a slave to my iPad. I’m obsessed with hair care products, lip shit (I must have over 40 chapstick, lip gloss, lip butter, etc) and of course I am also obsessed with books. I love to make inappropriate comments and joke around.  I can sometimes be crude and sarcastic but it’s all in fun. I look forward to meeting new people and reading lots of great books. I pretty much read anything but my love are Ugly cry books. To me there is nothing better than connecting to an emotional book. Feel free to email us to introduce yourself and thank you for visiting our blog.


Hola Readers, Bloggers and Authors. My name is Marci but call me Mars. I’m a New Yorker & since I’ve lived here most of my life I can be a bit mean. I’ve always been obsessed with reading and writing. My friends/family call me the grammar police because bad grammar is one of my biggest pet peeves. Other obesssions I can’t seem to quit are lipsticks (I own about 300 different shades), Coffee (I can’t seem to function without it), Purses (Designers take ALL my money and I love it), Traveling (I’ve been to 5 out of 7 continents and I want to visit them all before I die) and Wine (because honestly, who doesn’t love a great glass of wine?). I’m super laid back and I love to have fun, my favorite books usually include an Alpha male because I hate men who act like little bitches. I’m an adrenaline junkie and since I DON’T condone drugs, I stick to extreme sports. I have a bucket list so I’m super adventurous. I’m also crazy wild, passionate, ambitious, random, self assertive and a HUGE animal lover. I’m a 90’s baby so I don’t have kids yet but I do have a puppy who’s the love of my life. If you’d like to know anything else or you’d like to introduce yourself feel free to contact us below. Thanks for stopping by. XX

Tina here and I make up a 1/3 of this blog with my fellow book loving whores. (: A little about me: I was born & raised in good ol’ sunny San Diego. I’m an avid reader & have been since I was little thanks to my mom. One of my fond memories is bringing home the scholastic book orders from school and going through it with her to pick a book. I still love going through those and ordering books but now I look through my students scholastic catalog & order for my class instead. I’m also a bit of a make up whore and a hoarder of books & make up. I tend to be a bit hyper and will bust out with whatever is on my mind even if it’s completely random. This part of me makes for a lot of laughs and fun moments though. Thanks for liking our blog, I look forward to getting to know many of you over our love of books & book boyfriends. 🙂


or click on the menu bar and private message us on any of our other sites. XX


DISCLAIMER: We offer HONEST reviews ONLY. The minute we agree to read/review your book know that we will give our most honest opinion. We’re three girls all with different tastes therefore one person may rate your book 5stars and the other may rate it 1star. We will NOT take down a review just because we rated it low [under 3 stars]. We have absolutely no problem in rating 1 star a book that we hated. We will NOT accept any monetary compensation to rate a book we didn’t like 5 stars. We will only pimp the books that we loved since we DO NOT get paid to blog. We pride ourselves in giving our readers our true and honest opinion. If you want us to review your work, do so at your own risk: willingly knowing that you might get a low rating and we will not take down the rating even if you ask us nicely…


  • Our star rating system depends on how many of us read the book. We will do the math and average it out when we all read the same book because as bloggers we are one. Below is how we rate:
  1. We hated it, we couldn’t connect and we did not enjoy it.
  2. We didn’t like this book. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t for us.
  3. This was an okay read. Nothing special but not bad either.
  4. We liked this one, It was a good read and we enjoyed it.
  5. We LOVED this book. This is a MUST read!

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